Sunday, October 30, 2005

Welcome to the weekend edition of the development casefiles! Pardon the huge list, it's not my fault

The following issues were fixed:
Unused $param argument in hook_form() filed by JonBob, fixed by chx (regression of 29465) [Fixed in 2 days]
Inifite loop on node/#/edit for forum topics filed and fixed by webchick [Fixed in 1 day]
xmlrpc_value_calculate_type() fails for empty arrays filed and fixed by ax [Fixed in 13 days]
Do not update the access of anonymous filed and fixed by chx [Fixed in 2 days]
PHP5 compatibility issue filed and fixed by intosi [Fixed in 4 days]
Use of MySQL-specific SQL in forum.module filed by intosi, fixed by Cvbge [Fixed in 4 days]
Form API : Tree property fix filed and fixed by adrian (regression of 29465) [Fixed same day!]
Remove redundant code from forum.module filed and fixed stefan nagtegaal [Fixed in 3 days]
Cannot log in on current HEAD! filed by webchick, fixed by Chris Johnson (unknown origin; related to 35410) [Fixed in 3 days]

The following features were added:
Move collapsed groups to bottom of content creation form filed and fixed by tangent [Fixed in 4 days]

The following regressions and bugs are active:
Only bugs with patches needing review are listed.
Blank required form fields not detected filed by asimmonds (regression of 29465) [new]
Form API checkboxes type does not honor return value in options array filed and patched (needs review) by ccourtne [2 days old]
Comment pager not working in cvs? filed and patched (needs review) by leafish_dylan (unknown origin) [2 days old]
Forms API: taxonomy required fields no longer required filed by m3avrck - patch (needs review) by asimmonds (regression of 29465)
Cannot create new single-hierarchy terms filed by javanaut - patch (needs review) by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [2 days old]
Form API select type generates errors for some options arrays filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [4 days old]
Default on theme no longer changes existing users filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [4 days old]
Forms API related error when submitting comment filed by robertDouglass (regression of 29465) [4 days old]
Form API/Node Revisions: List and description values aren't saved for uploaded files - Junyor
(Needs Review) [6 days old]
request new password bug filed by Jesse Grosjean - patch (needs review) by skeen [5 MONTHS OLD]

Pending Patches/In Progress:
Only ready to commit patches and "needs review" patches of high community interest are listed.
Drupal gets a trashbin, and other delete goodies! - hunmonk (Needs review; new patch)
Fix and enhance postgres and mysql support in - Cvbge (Needs Review)
Modifications for protection against relay spam exploits - kbahey (Needs Review)
Admin help in core modules - webchick (Needs review)
Better node_access API, for example, OG work with TA - robb (Needs review)

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