Thursday, October 27, 2005

I've put out the casefiles earlier tonight because there are alot of issues piling up, and more developers need to start fixing them. Let's zap those bugs!

The following bugs were fixed:
admin/modules not responding - Bèr Kessels (via handbook)

No regressions were fixed during this period.

The following regressions are active:
Comment pager not working in cvs? filed by leafish_dylan (unknown origin) [new]
Forms API: taxonomy required fields no longer required filed by m3avrck (regression of 29465)
Cannot create new single-hierarchy terms filed by javanaut - patch (needs review) by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [new]
Unused $param argument in hook_form() filed by JonBob (regression of 29465) [new]
Cannot log in on current HEAD! filed by webchick (unknown origin; related to 35410) [new]
block regions are broken filed by coolcatt (regression of 34086 (regression of 29465)) [1 day old]
Form API select type generates errors for some options arrays filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [2 days old]
Default on theme no longer changes existing users filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [2 days old]
Forms API related error when submitting comment filed by robertDouglass (regression of 29465) [2 days old]

Pending Patches/In Progress:
Only ready to commit patches and "needs review" patches of high community interest are listed.
Drupal gets a trashbin, and other delete goodies! - hunmonk (Needs review)
Fix and enhance postgres and mysql support in - Cvbge (Needs Review)
Modifications for protection against relay spam exploits - kbahey (Needs Review)

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