Friday, February 22, 2008

I've got some good stuff to talk about this time around:

Prettiest Drupal Admin Interface Ever.

Keep up the eye candy :) I've recently had to opportunity to allow some non-tech-savvy people access to a Drupal site I set up for them, and the admin interface needs improvement. In fact, it needs to be able to confine the lesser used options off somewhere out of the way of those who are just managing content and rearranging blocks.

You can make your site available offline!
Some great code came out of Coding in Paradise that will let you specify the pages you want available offline, a 32x32 shortcut icon, and boom you can make your pages available offline with a desktop shortcut via Google Gears. Great for research sites and such. (I want this on :) )

Cross platform repository management
Anyone that's used SVN probably knows that if by some chance the line endings in a file are changed (eg, someone on Windows opens a Mac file) the revision control system will log every line as changed. But, there is an easy solution!

Just add:

enable-auto-props = yes

* = svn:eol-style=native
to your ~/.subversion/config should do the trick. For more information, and a tool to fix existing line ending issues, go here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dwewpal 6 weweased (Elmer Fudd) (original blog post)

Courtsey of Robin Monks, here is the Elmer Fudd press release for Drupal 6.0.

That dewty double cwossing wabbit ... ha ha haa'.

Glad to see my work was appreciated :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Today in Drupal it's now official, Drupalcon Boston 2008 will be fully taped!
Mark Burdett will be leading the charge, and he is asking for donations via ChipIn to cover the costs of additional needed equipment. If you are going to Drupalcon and would be willing to bring along a camera, supplies, or would just be willing to help out generally, be sure to get in touch with the Drupalcon staff.

Oh, and FeedAPI 1.0 is out! And Drupal association hit a milestone (I'd argue it's Drupalcon's milestone, but, to each his own), 400 registered members for Drupalcon Boston. Given the capacity for the event was 700, it seems they might fall a bit short of expectations :( That said, get over there and register, there is still time!

And, we've learned another fact from chx, good zen music == good patches. Don't believe me? Listen to the great one.

I leave you now with an image of Drupal 6's drag and drop support from CMS Report: