Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Welcome back! There is a lot of ground to cover today so let's get started:

The following features have been added
User timezones should consider Daylight Savings changes - lukelast (as module)
Form item attributes should be more flexible - adrian (via 29465)

The following regressions have been fixed:

block regions are broken -
nedjo (regression of 29465)
Select labels have wrong 'for' -
chx (regression of 29465)
Theme settings not saved since Forms API - chx (regression of 29465)
yet another form API patch - adrian & chx (regression of 29465)

No bugs fixed during this period.

The following regressions are active:
Form API select type generates errors for some options arrays filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465)
Default on theme no longer changes existing users filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465)
Forms API related error when submitting comment filed by robertDouglass (regression of 29465)

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