Monday, October 24, 2005

Welcome to the first edition of Drupal Casefiles. This blog is strongly modeled after Jesse Ruderman's excellent "burning edge" blog for Firefox.

The folowing features have been added
Advanced search features - Steven (extends search with AND/OR support, etc)
make book themeable -
Tobias Maier (removes hard coded HTML from book.module)

The following regressions have been fixed:

Updating archive module for Forms API -
leafish_paul (brings archive.module up to date with Forms API)

The following bugs have been squashed:
Log message is displayed below preview button - tangent (fixes "Log message" field)

No known major regressions.

Poor hunkman asked the Drupal developers to define a goal, here's how it turned out:

hunmonk what are the overall goals of drupal?
hunmonk my experience is that those are not clearly agreed upon
killes kick other CMSes ass.
hunmonk lol
hunmonk killes: that's not specific enough
hunmonk read anything on goal setting, and one of the first things you'll see is: be specific
vauxia Total World Domination
killes Well, that is probably the only thing you can reach agreement among developers though :p
mozillaman hunmonk: Kick other CMSs rumps at 40MPH with Niekie size 12 shoes.
mozillaman hunmonk: Better?
hunmonk er, i don't think that's the kind of specificity i was talking about .... :P
hunmonk i've seen two camps
vauxia There is specificity - but it's on a per-implementor basis
hunmonk #1 popularity camp
vauxia That seems OK to me
hunmonk #2 quality camp
hunmonk of course everybody wants more of both
hunmonk but
hunmonk i think different people are more concerned with one or the other
mozillaman hunmonk: Ahh, you forget #3, usability.
hunmonk oh, right
vauxia And #4 scalability
hunmonk how could i forget that!
mozillaman and #5 portability
hunmonk yes, see--the camps come out!
vauxia and #6 versatility

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