Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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No bugs were fixed during this period.

The following regressions were fixed
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() on admin/node page - asimmonds (regression of 29465)
node form broken - chx (regression of 35264 (regression of 29465))

The following regressions are active:
block regions are broken by coolcatt (regression of 34086 (regression of 29465)) [new]
Form API select type generates errors for some options arrays filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [1 day old]
Default on theme no longer changes existing users filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [1 day old]
Forms API related error when submitting comment filed by robertDouglass (regression of 29465) [1 day old]

Pending Patches/In Progress:
Allow users to rename their Blog titles via the "my account" page - kbarr (patch)
.htaccess does not restrict download of CVS/Repository - shouchen (patch)

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