Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Don't forget to send in bugs and regressions I've missed. It's humanly impossible for one person to find every bug to list here, so your help is very appriciated.

The following issues were fixed:
Form API select type generates errors for some options arrays filed by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [Closed in 6 days]
Comment pager not working in cvs? filed and patched by leafish_dylan [Fixed in 4 days; Needs verification]
permissions page broken filed and patched by asimmonds (regression of 35630) [Fixed in 2 days]
Form API change introduced input format fieldset even when only 1 input format filed and patched by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [Fixed in 3 days]
Can't save roles in admin/filters/... filed and patched by asimmonds [Fixed in 5 days]
Broken links in comment theming filed and patched by hunmonk [Fixed in 2 days]
Typo in file_directory_temp fieldname filed and patched by mikeryan [Fixed in 2 days]
Add CVS tags to form.inc and legacy.inc filed and patched by asimmonds [Fixed in 1 day]
URL path settings on node/add/* does not work filed by Tobias Maier and patched asimmonds [Fixed in 4 days]
use upload_tmp_dir as default for FILE_DIRECTORY_TEMP filed by danielc and patched by Junyor [Fixed in 4 months]
Poll "Add More Choices" feature not working filed and fixed by javanaut (regression of 29465) [Fixed in 6 days]

The following features were added:
Poll results aren't themable filed and fixed by stefan nagtegaal [Fixed in 7 days]
Admin help in core modules filed by Robin Monks and patched by webchick [Fixed in 4 months]

The following regressions and bugs have been added or changed:
Only bugs with patches needing review are listed.
Editing a Forum Node results in Cannot use string offset as an array in form.inc line 262 Error filed by Thomas Sewell (regression of 29465) [1 day old]
Default on theme no longer changes existing users filed and patch (needs review) by ccourtne (regression of 29465) [4 days old; New Patch]

Pending Patches/In Progress:
Only ready to commit patches and "needs review" patches of high community interest are listed.
Drupal gets a trashbin, and other delete goodies! - hunmonk (Needs review)
Fix and enhance postgres and mysql support in updates.inc - Cvbge (Needs Review; new patch)
Modifications for protection against relay spam exploits - kbahey (Needs Review)
Better node_access API, for example, OG work with TA - robb (Needs review)

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