Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm going to try to get back in the habit of making these daily nuggets of developer statistical goodness, and now that 5.0 is out, it should be a lot more interesting! :)

In the past 24 hours:

The following issues were fixed:

Fieldset titles sometimes invisible in Garland filed by RobRoy [Fixed in 2 months] (5.0, HEAD)
two semicolons ending the line filed and patched by hass [Fixed in 2 days] (HEAD
Undefined variable $versions in install.inc filed and patched by dopry [Fixed in 4 days] (5.0, HEAD)

The following features were added:

Add sticky headers to tables proposed and patched by Steven [Added in 12 days]

The following regressions and bugs have been added or changed:
Only bugs with patches needing review are listed.

node_type_delete() invokes hook on no data filed by njivy (patch) [0 days old]
pager displays when it shouldn't filed by drawk (patch) [0 days old]
Add $_GET wrapper that allows caches to analyze usage filed by David Strauss (patch) [0 days old]
bootstrap_invoke_all use of module_list filed by earnie (patch) [0 days old]
Side-effect caching support filed by David Strauss (patch) [1 day old]
Tabs Episode 2: Attack of the Clones filed by chx (patch) [2 days old]
Convert files to be associated to a user id instead of a node id. filed by dopry (patch) [4 days old]
Refactor l() and url() filed by Steven (patch) [16 days old]
Add jQuery Teaser Splitter filed by Steven (patch) [1 month 1 day old]
Sqlite port filed by tachyonxv (patch) [8 months 1 day old]


At least rename the 'content' region to 'below content' - (DEV FIGHT)

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