Monday, January 21, 2008

After quite some time of inactivity, I'm trying to kick myself into the belated new-year's resolution of keeping this blog updated with some of the latest activity in Drupal development :)

There is a lot of buzz building up around Drupalcon Boston 2008, March 3-6. This is actually the closest a Drupalcon has ever been to me that I can recall (within driving distance, yay!). It's going to be a $215k event, hopefully paid for by attendance fees ($195, which I was initially appalled at, but I now see the necessity) and Corporate sponsorships.

I have been on a see-saw of deciding whether I'll be able to attend. I've even planned a session, so I'm hoping to make it this year!

Also on a related note, most of the CiviCRM team are currently planning world domination at their meetup in India.

Drupal Planet Feed Marketing
It seems somewhere along the line got popular. According to some stats by Kieran, over 16k people are using planet and it's RSS feed, that's a lot of community!

Bloggers who have feeds in the Planet syndication are encouraged to subscribe to the Drupal Marketing group. The goal being to gain grass roots promotion for Drupal events in future.

Elections Aftermath
The results of the Drupal Association Elections are in! Some great new people are at the Association, all the best from!

The Last 24hrs in Issues
As always, the issue queue at is buzzing with activity. Some of the more interesting issues in the past day are:

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