Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daily Drupal Happenings - January 24, 2008

You've got Sponsorship!

4 Platinum sponsors of Drupalcon have been announced! Given that one of the platinum benefits is one of the rooms will be named after the sponsor, and given that there are 4 rooms and 4 sponsors, I assume all the Platinum sponsorships are filled. Nice work!

Platinum sponsors pay $15,000 each for advertising throughout the conference. What's also interesting is who is doing the sponsoring:

Knight Foundation: Wikipedia announces they are "an American private, non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting journalism". A sponsor I wouldn't have guessed. Interesting nonetheless.
pingVision: Not much of a surprise here.
Acquia: Given Acquia is based in Boston, I kinda suspect the whole confernece location is kinda based around them; not that I'm complaining :)
Adobe: Here is the big surprise. Adobe. The pdf people. Wow.

Drupalcon Administrators have also announced a Gold sponsor ($7,500); Sun Microsystems, it's good to see them supporting the Drupal community.

I was actually expecting RainCity Studios/Bryght to have a listing here as well, I'm a bit surprised that more Drupal firms are not in the sponsorship section (It's not too late!).

Yesterday was "relaunched" using Drupal. Welcome to the Drupal community PopSci!

Drupal Newsletter

A new Drupal Newsletter went out yesterday, Aaron Winborn (aaron) is now leading the charge. Best of luck!

Interesting Bugs of the Last 48hrs

Update Drupal 6 to jQuery 1.2.3 (6.x-dev)
Preview feature for blocks (7.x-dev)
Build tables with Forms API (7.x-dev)
Allow login using email address (7.x-dev)


Boris Mann said...

I'm bringing 8 people. Releasing two new modules, a Chinese install profile, giving half a dozen sessions, and helping do graphics and layout for conference materials.

Oh, and updating the mass hosting system that we started our business with and giving it away for free.

$15K or community involvement: you e the judge. Oh, and I wouldn't mind an update to the main post to reflect this :P

Jakob Petsovits said...

Adobe: probably less "the pdf people" than "the Flex people".

Steven said...

Both Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex play nicely with Drupal, what with services.module and amfphp.module, and with our pending release of a new module based on SWFAddress, the whole platform is only going to get stronger, with full HTML underlay for non-Flash-users.

If that sounds interesting, check out and vote on our session proposal!

Anonymous said...

It looks like one OSSH (open source super hero) woke up on the wrong side of the bed...
Chill Boris, we know you guys pull your weight (and more) with all that you've given back to drupal.