Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daily happenings @ Drupal - January 22, 2008

DrupalCamp Wisconsin (a photo of Wisconsin at right) wrapped up last weekend, and Larry at GarfieldTech has the complete writeup of it's success, great job!

Messaging and Notifications modules, and just had to blog about it. The reason I mention it here is because I too find these modules interesting. I myself have used Subscriptions before, might try something custom using Notifications next time.

We've got to be careful not to recreate Perl's dependency hell with all these "building block" modules though :)

Thus far the most interesting session proposal I've seen on the Boston Drupalcon site has been the Drupal <18 session, directed at "the people who help drive Drupal but cannot yet legally drink, vote, gamble, and/or drive". Sounds like a great idea!

I'll be back this evening with the list of today's fixed bugs, ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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