Thursday, January 31, 2008

So, to start off this time I'll make some corrections of my last post based on feedback:

I'm bringing 8 people. Releasing two new modules, a Chinese install profile, giving half a dozen sessions, and helping do graphics and layout for conference materials.

Oh, and updating the mass hosting system that we started our business with and giving it away for free.

$15K or community involvement: you e the judge. Oh, and I wouldn't mind an update to the main post to reflect this :P --Boris Mann

I got Boris a bit mad at me. I was just pointing out that I expected more sponsorships from well known Drupal consultancies, such as Bryght, not specifically beating on Bryght for not bring a finical supporter. Sorry.

Both Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex play nicely with Drupal, what with services.module and amfphp.module, and with our pending release of a new module based on SWFAddress, the whole platform is only going to get stronger, with full HTML underlay for non-Flash-users.

If that sounds interesting, check out and vote on our session proposal! --Steven
Sounds very cool! I keep thinking of Macromedia when I think of flash and such (I dislike change :P ), it's great to see some alternative uses for Drupal! :)

Onward to the new stuff...
We are proud to present the third release candidate of Drupal 6.0. We hope that this will be the final release candidate before we can make an official release of Drupal 6.0. Since the second release candidate, we have fixed various issues including JavaScript performance problems, cleaned up menu updates, added several improvements to the update.module, and added a memory requirements check to update.php. We have even added some small usability improvements since RC2.
Yippie! Drupal 6 RC3! I was hoping a bit for a final release, but, now it's even closer than ever before, and more bugs will be ironed out, so I can wait a bit longer :)

Also, Yahoo now has a new OpenID tool for those with accounts with Yahoo! and it's services. With upcoming support of OpenID in Drupal, this will no doubt be a big boon in getting people to use OpenID.

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Boris Mann said...

Not mad, per se, just that the focus on straight up financial contributions is a *sickness*: we need people to maintain great code and take responsibility for what they are being paid to deploy.

I appreciate the update. In retrospect, I came across quite strongly.