Monday, March 03, 2008

I'd like to submit a proposal for a future location of Drupalcon. Given that Drupalcon Boston is now going on, it seems like now is the opportune time to "whisper" in the ear of attendees, and to suggest the next location on the east coast.

And that spot is..... (drumroll please :) ): Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (map)

Why Saint John?

Where could it be held?

Glad you asked :) Saint John tourism maintains a list of Meeting and event facilities as well as Convention hotels.

So, the next time someone mentions about the next Drupalcon, mention Saint John!

Disclaimer, I live near Saint John ;)


Robin Monks said...

Also, note that the Saint John Hilton, , can hold up to 2,300 people for conventions.


Devin Johnston said...

Clarification for non-Canadian readers:

Saint John, NB (always spelled with the full word "Saint") is different from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador (always spelled with "St." abbreviated.) These are also different from Saint-Jean-Richelieu, Quebec and Fort St. John, British Columbia

Robin Monks said...

Yup, I included the province with the name, along with the map link hoping people would realize where it was; but, it's still good to be exactly clear.

Thanks Devin!

Also, a quick update, I've submitted this as a basic proposal for Drupalcon North America's location in 2009 using the "official" channels. I'll be sure to update the blog when I hear back.

In the mean time, comments from people who'd like to see this happen are most welcome!


Christian Nally said...

I'm at Drupalcon and grew up in Saint John. How do I contact you here?

Robin Monks said...

Unfortunately Christian, I wasn't able to make it to Boston :(

You can reach me via mail at devlinks A-T gmail d*t com.